Most Popular Linksys Router Login Types


The use of computers to access the internet and the world wide web is so much popular these days more than ever. With this, come the different brands of computer network routers available in the market for us with Linksys wireless router as the most popular brand. Computer network routers or home network routers are one of the three ingredients needed for computer to access the internet. The other two ingredients are an Internet service provider (ISP) and a Web browser.

Why Linksys Router Brand is the Most Popular Brand?

Linksys RouterLinksys router brand is the leading and the most popular brand of home network router, because Linksys router products are very easy to set up and very easy to manage which make them the choice of most homes and small businesses.
Linksys offers a range of different routers, but its wireless range of routers is the most popular because it supports all of the common types of homes and small business network setups. The most popular one Linksys’ wireless routers include Linksys Wireless-N products, Linksys Wireless-G products and the Linksys dual-band routers. A brief discussion of each type is given below. But before that, we discussed how to access Linksys Router Login as this is something really important when setting up any Linksys router.

4 Steps to Access Linksys Router LoginLinksys Router Login

Step 1. Turn on Linksys router and wait for at least 10 short seconds to allow it to initialize.

Step 2. Get the Ethernet cable and attach it from one of the four Ethernet ports (found on the router) to the Ethernet port on the computer.

Step 3. Open the computer’s browser and type in the IP address the press enter.

Step 4. Once the screen appears, enter the user name and password for the router. When entering the user name and password, leave the username blank and enter “admin” for the password if you haven’t changed these settings previously.

All given details in the 4 steps to access Linksys router login interface are the default Linksys router login credentials for many Linksys routers; if they don’t work, check the router’s manual to find its default.

Most Popular Linksys Router Types and Products EXPLAINED

1. Linksys Wireless-N products (WAG120N)

This type of Linksys Wireless Router provides draft 802.11n capability. 802.11n an IEEE industry standard for Wi-Fi wireless local network communications, ratified in 2009. This type has technology that allows the home or a small business to share one broadband Internet connection. This is great for wireless printing and sharing files.

Example of a Wireless-N product

Products under this type of wireless router such as the WAG120N are very popular because it is an All-in-one router product: ADSL2+ modem, router, wireless access point, and 4-port switch. Also because they are very easy to install on windows PC and Mac PCs.

Other Features of the product WAG120N under wireless-N type include connection versatility and Internet Security.

Connection Versatility. WAG120N allows the user to keep of their digital files in one place, and share them from any computer within the network.
This router features a number of Ethernet ports that makes it easy to connect additional devices to the network, wired and wireless devices.

Internet Security. WAG120N provides advanced wireless security and SPI firewall. Both the two features help protect the network against any possible network attacks.

2. Linksys Wireless-G products

Linksys Wireless-G products support 802.11g and 802.11g supports wireless communications among computers, broadband routers and other devices.

Example of a Wireless-G router

Linksys Wireless-G products such as the WRT54GL are also very popular because just like WRT54GL router, it can add wireless capability to a wired network. Also, because it is very easy to set up and manage, and has a 128-bit security encryption.

Features of the product WRT54GL under wireless-G type include Wireless Convenience, Easy Set up and configuration, and Encryption-Secured Connection.

Wireless Convenience. User with wired network can enhance their network with Wireless-G access up to 54 Mbps which is what WRT54GL router is designed to be.
Easy Set up and Configuration. This router is very easy to set up and it is given with a security configuration that can be turn one using the WRT54GL’s Browser-based configuration utility.

Encryption-Secured Connection. Provided with Encryption-secured Connection, WRT54GL router will allow any user to work with a peace of mind; No more worrying about who can access the network. This feature will keep all communications between network computer and other connected devices protected and private.

3. Linksys dual-band routers

Linksys dual-band routers support more than one of the WiFi standards that’s why they are called dual-band routers. This type of wireless routers is loaded with great features and capabilities that it is taking the technology world by storm! Compared to the other two popular router types and their samples products, dual-band router type and its products are the newest and most advanced router type.

Example of a Wireless-G router

Linksys dual-band routers such as the Linksys E4200 router is a very popular dual-band router product because of the following three reasons: it can provide maximum wireless coverage, it can provide maximum wireless speed, and it can double network bandwidth!

Features of the product E4200 under dual-band type include:

Fastest wireless speed. E4200 router has transfer rates up to 300 + 450 Mbps speed for a premium home network experience. This is the fastest speed any router can give to computers within the network.

Highest wireless coverage. E4200 router is built with leading 802.11n wireless technology. This technology gives the router the ability to offer maximum range to create superior wireless network.

Dual-Band. E4200, as a dual-band router can double the network bandwidth with dual-band N (2.4 and 5 GHz). This feature help avoid interference that can happen when viewing HD videos, sharing files and wireless gaming.

Other features of E4200 router:

Easy to Install. E4200 router is installed in three easy steps.

Easy to Manage. E4200 router can be managed easily. A user can easily customize the settings of this router and add and connect more wireless devices easily.
^ With regards to customizing, E4200 has parental controls and access time settings which can be customized by the user easily. This is a very useful feature for parent users because it gives them the power to limit their children’s use of the internet.

Speed Up. Since E4200 router is a dual-band router that can double the network bandwidth, users within the network experience maximum speed that is maintained even at greater distances.

Most advanced internet security. E4200 router has the most advanced internet security that can fight any internet attacks.
Gigabit Ethernet 4-port. E4200 router features a number of Ethernet ports designed to accommodate quick sharing of any kind of file. Its ports are not the usual Ethernet ports as they are proven to work 10 times faster and better than regular Ethernet ports.

Built-in USB port. E4200 router features a USB port that lets the user add any kind of USB device for sharing of any kind of files at home or over the internet.

Upnp media server. E4200 router features a built-in UPnP AV Media Server. A UPnP media server is a feature that lets a computer within the network to work with other devices like Xbox devices and PSPs for fast streaming of video files.

Home Theater Feature. E4200 router is one of the only few router devices available in the market that has this home theatre feature. This feature allows connection of computers to other devices for video streaming. Devices such as internet TVs and gaming devices.

There are many other router products available within each Linksys router type. With this, looking for router that is ideal for any home or business use can be a little challenging, but one thing is for sure, one can find it in Linksys. Be it a router that can be used for travel / mobility, a router for VPN networking, or a router for raw speed.