Linksys Router Setup

If this is your fist time purchasing and setting up a Linksys Router, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m a tech expert of the trade, computer engineer and all. The difference between me and other engineers is I can give it to you straight and simple. Although I’d like the whole wide world of www surfers to gain a sense of computational literacy, I also understand that most folks don’t have the time to invest in understanding the ins and outs of their device. That being said, allow me to help you out with some simple issues you may have while using a computer. In this segment I would like to discuss how to set up your Linksys Router which will propel you into the information age before you know it.

Step One: Turn it on

First you need some power! So go ahead and grab a couple Ethernet cables. The first Ethernet cable will connect from your router to your wall jack. Where the cable plugs into the router it should be in the port labeled “Internet”. Once you have that secure go ahead and use the other Ethernet cable to connect your computer to the router. Do this by inserting one end of the cable in your computer and the other into any of the ports labeled “1,2,3, or 4” on the router.

Step Two: Web-based setup

Next you will need to choose a web browser that you favor. If you own a PC this can be Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. If you have a Mac then your choices are probably Safari or Mozilla Firefox. Open the browser and in the search or address bar enter in the following IP address:

This is the default IP address for all Linksys routers and can be changed once the router is set up completely. After you have pressed “enter” then a box should pop up prompting you to enter in a User name and Password. You have not created a password yet at this point, so you will enter the default option. Leave the field marked “User name” blank and enter in “admin” for the password. When you login you can change those things as well.

Step Three: The Setup Page

Now you will be taken to the Linksys setup page. There are lots of tabs to choose from including: setup, wireless, security, access restrictions, applications & gaming, administration, and status. Within the setup page there are a number of things you should do to really get the router going. Here is a list of important things you must do once you arrive at this page:

• Change the router name. Your default router name will be gobbledy-gook so you’ll want to create a name that you can remember and enjoy. Once finished you will scroll to the bottom of the page and click “save”. This is very important! If you do not save your changes, they will not be recorded. You will know that your changes were successfully made if the “Settings are successful” dialog box pops up to let you know.

• Change the Wireless Network Name. To do this click on the tab marked “Wireless” and erase the default name given. You can either make the name the same as your router or be even more creative. This is the name others will see if they are searching for internet around them. It is the name you will see when trying to connect to the internet, and is the name you will tell to others to look for when they connect at your home for the first time. Have fun with it!

• Change the default password. As you know from experience now, your default password is “admin”. Unfortunately you share that password with the thousands of others who have Linksys Wifi Routers, so it’s time to change it up! Click on the “Security” tab and choose a new password that you can remember. Write down the password on paper or create a secure electronic copy so that if you forget you have it somewhere else.

• Choose your security setting. Once you change your password you will also need to choose your security type. This will be a dropdown box on the same page. You can choose between WPA2 and WEP. It’s important to note that if you choose WPA2 your computer must be compatible with the encryption codes it uses. If you have an older device, chances are you don’t have a device that can do that kind of work. So instead just opt for the WEP and call it a day.


Upon finishing the list above, there may still be a few more changes you want to make. If you use your computer for gaming or other activities, it may be in your best interest to change some other settings. The great thing about the Linksys Router Setup is it’s easy and simple to manage. It may not seem like it at first, but wireless internet connection has come a long way. There are even simpler ways to do this if you have one of the newer Smart Wifi Linksys Routers.

Other little things to check on your new Linksys Router:

• Make sure all LED lights are flashing appropriately and are the correct color

• Check for overheating

• Move around the router for the best overall effect on your internet until you are satisfied

• Understand the procedures necessary in order to reset the router in case of a security breach or unsatisfactory internet.

So go on my fellow techie friends (or perhaps not so techie) and impress yourselves with this newfound knowledge. I may be a computer engineer with lots of experience and expertise, but if you tell me to cook dinner tonight, I’d be quite out of luck. It’s amazing what we can do with just a little bit of instruction and a lot of confidence. Take control or your electronic devices, and good luck!